Shortly about developer

My name is Dmitry Starostenko, I live in Belarus, in Brest. I program mainly in JavaScript, but also work with other languages such as PHP, ASP.NET, Delphi. Now, a little about the project :)
I love projects and services Google, although the trend in design, I do not like :) Once upon a time, almost from the very first version I became a huge fan of the Chrome browser and indeed many services, including many was and hopefully known service iGoogle, but unfortunately, not so long ago ceased to exist ... Google reminded advance of the completion of the existence of iGoogle, and had already supported the Chrome extension, I had the idea to create an extension that would have to be repeated functional iGoogle but also provide advanced functionality about the usual new tab :) But due to lack of time it was just an idea. I also tried to find something similar, but when I realized that wait apparently will have forever, started the development of this project. So after a long work, this project was born that you can try out now :) I hope you will be as pleasant to use it, but if not, I'm always open to suggestions to improve it :) Thank you in advance for your understanding :)