Here - fix!

Good to all! And so, I'm sorry for the fact that the update with the patch was going on for so long :) I just wanted to add some improvements besides the fix itself, which I had been needed for a very long time, or rather I wanted to make the synchronization not through Google's built-in mechanisms, but I understand that it takes more time and big enough changes. In this case, I decided to quickly release a fix with authorization and small improvements (authorization speed). Now you can use iFree again :) And by the way Google without any dancing has released a new version - which is very nice :)

Hi Google!

Good day to all! Since luck everywhere accompanies me, I recently discovered that the authorization of Google was broken. By this I began to search for a solution to this problem. Sorry for the inconvenience of those to whom they were delivered. And I can say that I certainly do not sit on Google's forums in search of all updates of their products, but still, this problem just appeared. I certainly waited a day, because they have updates of their products with errors, sometimes :) but - no, so I'm at work :)

Last and bad news :(

To my great regret, after an attempt to add a new widget name "Daily horoscope" in the description of my extension, the Google great and mighty, disable my extension from store :( Unfortunately it is a fact, I sent them a letter, but the answer is not received. Well, actually if someone really need my extension, the latest version of which was in the store, you can download right here iFree. But since Google Chrome does not allow to establish direct third-party extensions, you can after downloading it, go to Preferences > Extensions and drag the downloaded file to the window. I apologize, and I'm sorry, that Google is so illegible estimates the contents of the store given that the first version was in store in 2014.

Future is here

I'm sure many want to know your future. And it made especially for you - beautiful widget for your daily horoscope by signs of the zodiac. Check it in my extension iFree
And one more thing, I fix some problems with showing emoji in VK chat. Enjoy :)

VK chat widget available now!!!

I created a new, wonderful, and most importantly useful widget - chat for social network VKontakte. You can find it in the widget, in the Tools group. Pleasant to use :)

My apologies )

Well I'm very long time not write anything, and what I want to say ) I have some home work, and it's why I have not much time for extension, but I have lot of ideas for extension. Few examples: add more compatible for games widgets, add more more widgets, but I don't know what needs for you ) And in this case I wait your ideas, you can write me by any contacts, I'll be happy if it's happens :)
skype: dzmitrystarastsenka
Google +
Chrome webstore

Reformed ...

Recently been found quite a serious problem in moving the widgets, in some cases they disappeared and no longer receives anything to add. I'm sad that none of the users are not informed about it :( Anyway, the error has been fixed (and on server problems with users wrong data now correct too), and now in theory everything works fine :) But of course I would like that users and project supported by opportunities, even if the estimates in the Market, social networks, or at least provided in writing me at the contacts, that I provided, or through the enlargement itself (extension), I would be very happy :) Although it would be understandable if someone likes what I do or not :)


And so, as I promised, a little surprise ... and so ... drumroll ... it's - a widget - the first game in my project! And Google calendar widget :)

Latest news

Hi to everyone who reads it :) Let's start!
And so, I want to tell you about the rebranding. The fact that Google itself told me that the name, description, and some more data violates the rights of their brand, and this I had to crank big job to rename the project, which has been renamed from "eGoogle" to "iFree". But all the rest remains unchanged.
Now, I can happily report to all, that released a new version - 1.2. What is new in it:
1) Added expanding / collapsing widgets
2) Added the ability to restore deleted frequently visited pages
3) Added search in history
4) Ability to clear the history
5) Improved search
6) Changed voice input
7) Fixed a glitch with fonts on most visited pages
8) Faster loading page
9) A huge number of bug fixes (by the way, it's really a lot of bugs :) )
What can I say about the chat widgets for Facebook and VK, I was sure to say that they are ready for release, and I wanted to release them in the new version, but alas, I found a big problem in them, and I'll have to do everything from beginning :( In this case I try to prepare a little surprise, instead of these widgets, will be two others, that you will soon find out :) Widgets chats transferred, I will do them, but say with certainty when, alas I can not. That's probably all I wanted to let you know :) Here's a little video about the work in the extension:

I think you will find in it something interesting for yourself :) iFree

Now you can keep score!

Finally it came widget calculator :) Calculate :) And sorry for the delay :)

About plans ...

And so ... I'm working on creating a widget - calculator, then will write updates of extension and further writing widgets such as Facebook Chat and VK. Further - more ) I will work on improving their extension and increase in the number of widgets will be possible to add and games and much more, that would be my extension was really versatile )

Remember all!

Pleased to announce that now you can not forget anything because now appeared widget notes. Enjoy using :) eGoogle


Why do not you use widgets, do not know how? Then I try to open the opportunity for you ( for authorized users only through Google) :) Here is your usual view of new tab extension eGoogle.

If you are logged in, you just need to press the button on the top left of the screen (indicated by the green oval in the figure), and voila, you get access to the widget bar ... Yes, you will immediately see a blank area :)

But do not worry, the right top of the screen on the widget bar has a lovely button " Store" (marked with the yellow oval in the picture), where you can add widgets you interesting, it is so convenient and perfectly all on one page! Do not miss the opportunity to appreciate it :) eGoogle

Stay tuned!

I want to please all users with release Google News widget, now you will always be aware of recent events! All news are divided by topics, this one will find the news itself. Enjoy using :)

Weather on the board! And behind :)

I am extremely happy to share that became available weather widget, which can add in the widget bar))) Now you can be aware of the weather forecast wherever you are :)

Some fixes

Yesterday I found a bug in the back end, in consequence of which the logged in user is not added, and as a result did not work the widget panel. Error has been fixed, so that the panel is now available to authorized users :)

About plans

Do not abuse extension and assign to a developer with the understanding, because the project was created by one person, yet this not much of widgets :) Here's a bit about the development plans. In the development are the following widgets:

1) News
2) Weather
3 ) Notes
4 ) Calculator

Next, let's say a more distant future , there are plans for a API for developers :) And of course welcome your comments , ideas, and just understanding and support that you can express directly through the extension in the lower left corner there is a form for this or you can support a developer by expanding financial :) This is done through the same way.?

yeah! first version!

Finally I can introduce people with release of this project, which I loved, when the service still existed in Google - iGoogle. I present to you the first version of project eGoogle!!! I really believe that it will appeal to all just like me :) The course can still and damp places, but I'll do it and improve, expanding its capabilities and a set of widgets. At the moment, unfortunately there are only two of the widget, but now is the development of widgets: notes, calculator, weather, news. The extension does not require updating for new widgets, you will see this icon in the corner of the button widget store. So do not judge strictly and understand the creation of the project and so it took a lot of time. Come and support the development, write, I'll try to listen to your suggestions and do all what I can to maximize your requirements for this project :) Enjoy using :)